“At Ziegler, we want to contribute to bringing more quality of life to cities”

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    May 2024
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We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Parkly and Ziegler! This partnership brings together Parkly’s innovative modular urban furniture with Ziegler’s expertise in providing urban furniture solutions across Germany and Austria.

“Parkly’s products offer an effective means to enhance the appeal of city centers and urban environments with tailored solutions which respond to many needs and bring people together.” Martina Noack, Head of Purchasing / Product Management, Ziegler

Martina Noack also says that the design of city centers is a major topic and has become enormously important since the coronavirus era: “The focus is on making cities more liveable. Modular solutions are very helpful for that, as they give you flexibility in terms of design and allow you to respond to special events.

“We were looking for suitable modular solutions as we didn’t yet have these in our range. Parkly’s products impressed us with their design, simple functionality and choice of material. The ecological aspect is also very important to us – both in terms of production and function. In cooperation with Parkly we can now offer green solutions like big planters and green walls for greening our cities. We are convinced that Parkly’s products have great potential in Germany and Austria. There are only a few cities that are equipped accordingly. We are sure that they will gratefully accept these proposed solutions.”

Ziegler is one of the biggest urban furniture distributors in Europe and has a long standing expertise in providing cities, municipalities and planners with the best solutions for more liveable urban environments. Since 1993, the name Ziegler has stood for quality, experience and expertise in the field of outdoor facilities, open space design and street furniture.

“By teaming up with Ziegler, Parkly has gained a committed and experienced partner to cater to the needs of Europe’s biggest market. Thanks to Ziegler’s extensive network and expertise, our products are now available across Germany and Austria. We are excited about the opportunity to make public spaces more vibrant and multifunctional with our products and help cities develop the urban environment with our modular, scalable solution.” Daniel Bumann, CEO, Parkly

Ziegler will provide its clients with Parkly’s innovative modular system, focusing on the innovative modular parklet modules. Together, we aim to create more inviting, green, and functional public spaces.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and project highlights as we work together to enhance urban environments in German and Austrian cities.
Explore Parkly on Ziegler’s homepage: https://www.ziegler-metall.de/marken/parkly