At Parkly, we are on a mission of bringing people together.
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At Parkly, we’re on a mission to bring people together, one bench at a time. Our modular urban furniture system transforms any outdoor area into a green and welcoming place. A place where people can meet, play and relax. Whether you want to liven up a city area, or enhance with an office park, Parkly provides the tools to help bring your vision to life.

Modular, circular and flexible
Parkly’s modules come in different shapes and sizes: small, medium and large. The product system is easy to combine, stack or orient into different types of solutions: from pocket parks, parklets, seating areas and more. Parkly is created with sustainable design principles at its core: we use high quality material and each part can be replaced and repaired. Parkly modules can be stored and transported flat packed, saving space and storage expenses.

Enhancing urban sustainability
Parkly modules enhance biodiversity with pollinator friendly plants, edible experiences with urban gardening boxes, and more trees for public spaces. For every Parkly module produced, we compensate for 20 square metres of old-growth forest in Finland via the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

Co-creating better places
With Parkly, the process of creating better places can be a collaborative and participatory experience. We can select a site together, use ParklyCreate to plan the right setup, decide which plants and functions are needed and enjoy placemaking together.

Empowering change for more liveable cities
Parkly stems from the idea of tactical urbanism. It supports sustainable urban development by offering an adaptable, community-engaged, and cost-effective approach that encourages experimentation, learning, and the gradual implementation of sustainable solutions.

Nordic design with a global solution
Parkly modules are designed and crafted in Finland and Switzerland, with high attention to detail and manufacturing quality. Parkly is available across Europe either directly or via our network of distributors. Contact our sales team for further information. For overseas enquiries get in touch for further information.

Helsinki Design Award 2022 for Urban Design for Parkly co-founder Päivi Raivio
Start up of the year 2023 award by the Uusimaa Regional Council
Urban Tech Helsinki City Award 2022