From grey to green, transforming cities one place at a time.
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Parkly is committed to creating sustainable, livable cities by transforming urban spaces into green and urban places. Our modular furniture system has been designed with circular economy principles. It minimises waste and maximises the efficiency of resources.

Through partnerships and co-creation, we aim to accelerate positive change in cities and foster collaboration among our stakeholders. Parkly’s innovative approach, combined with our Nordic design aesthetic, offers a unique solution for enhancing the quality of urban environments. 

Our products are produced using durable and long-lasting materials, and we strive for a low environmental impact. Our approach is to promote inclusivity and accessibility in our designs in order to provide everyone with access to high-quality public spaces.

Enhancing biodiversity in urban environments is one of our key goals. Planting pollinator-friendly plants and more trees in public spaces sets the direction for greener cities.

We are committed to nature conservation: for every Parkly module produced, we compensate for 20 square meters of old-growth forest in Finland through the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. This model ensures net-zero products.