Here you can find answers for the frequently asked questions about Parkly. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

What materials is Parkly made of?

Parkly is made of durable materials: galvanized and powdercoated steel and thermo-treated ash.

How is Parkly a circular product?

Parkly was designed with circularity at its core: every component is designed for repair, replacement, and reuse. The system is adaptable to various needs and is multi-functional. Additionally, we have partnered with companies offering Parkly as a service, shifting away from a linear ownership model.

Where is Parkly manufactured?

Parkly is produced in Finland, and certain components are manufactured within the European Union. Thanks to Parkly’s intelligent design, it is delivered in a flatpack, resulting in relatively low transport costs.

How can I get a design for a project?

You have the flexibility to craft your unique design with ParklyCreate, a user-friendly browser-based 3D-builder. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team via email to request a customized design tailored to your specific location.

Where is Parkly available?

Parkly is accessible throughout Europe either directly through us or via our distribution partners in Germany, Austria, France and Portugal. We are expanding our distributor network, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in becoming one or have any inquiries. For overseas enquiries, please contact our team, and we can discuss the available options.

How does the Parkly product system evolve?

Parkly places a strong emphasis on crafting durable and timeless products. The evolution of Parkly’s product system is based on new emerging needs and trends in urban settings, as well as creative collaborations with designers and artists. Every new module model or add-on integrates with the existing system, making Parkly a versatile and comprehensive solution capable of adapting to evolving needs and diverse locations.

How do Parkly’s products withstand rain and snow?

Parkly’s durable materials excel in enduring various weather conditions, having been rigorously tested in the challenging Nordic climate. For insights into crafting inviting spaces during winter, explore our case studies, like the Our City project in Kerava.