Parkly teams up with CITILAB to revitalize urban spaces into people-centric places in Portugal

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    Oct 2023
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We’re delighted to share news of our partnership with The CITILAB team, expanding the reach of our solution into Portugal and neighboring regions. Our collaboration is fueled by a shared passion for enhancing public spaces, dedicating our efforts daily to provide optimal solutions for clients, including developers, landscape architects, and urban planners, ultimately benefiting all who utilize public spaces. CITILAB brings extensive expertise, having consistently worked with the public sector over the years.

Miguel Dias, the CEO of CITILAB shares insights on what are the key challenges in Portuguese cities at the moment:
Diversity and proximity – these are two words that are on the agenda of cities in Portugal. And they are directly linked to public space, to the conquest or reconquest of pedestrian space that used to be areas where cars circulated, and now the aim is to divert all those crossings in the neighborhoods to the surrounding main streets; in this way, within the neighborhoods, priority is given to walking and cycling, while still ensuring access for residents’ cars and emergency vehicles.”

Lisbon is currently in the process of neighborhood development inspired by the concept of SuperBlocks. Urban trials have commenced in several areas, fostering discussions on ideas and solutions to design these spaces with a focus on environmental and social considerations. Key features include green spaces, recreational areas, pedestrian priority, walkability, and promoting tranquility.

“At the moment Lisbon is in an experimental phase, with various neighborhoods testing different modalities in a first phase, allowing new models of road circulation to be tested and eventually preparing more definitive actions. We all know the benefits that this concept will bring to each citizen and to cities.” says Miquel. 

Parkly’s flexible furniture system brings ease, smartness and fun to public space projects

Parkly and CITILAB are aligned in their mission to bring people together in public spaces. To achieve this goal, we strive to offer a multitude of options that cater to the needs of both individuals and clients:

“We wanted to partner with Parkly, because the modular and evolutionary system allows for a wide variety of possible configurations. Designing urban spaces requires a lot of criteria, commitment and guidelines to follow and with Parkly’s modules you can design intelligent compositions, combine benches with small side tables, planters for plants or small trees, all with the possibility of applying vibrant, eye-catching colors.” 

“Furthermore, having partners like Parkly adds the value of experience, creativity, design, quality and most importantly “the magic”… being able to inform our clients that our partners are continually developing solutions and products gives us the empowerment and confidence we need to move forward.”

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