Blooming courtyards

Inviting places, arts and culture
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    Art House Turku
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The historical courtyards in the centre of Turku are also the home of Art House Turku. The new city-owned arts center is breathing life to the area: arts, culture and events which take place in the public places too.

Placemaking is used to activate the area and the urban design studio RaivioBumann has been commissioned to create an activation plan for the site. The plan focuses on creating places for people to hangout and stay in the yard, adding more greenery and finding different ways to bring out the arts for everyone to enjoy.

The vivid color of Parkly-modules create a strong identity for the area. The modularity makes it possible to test different functions too. The new seating areas are visible from many directions, inviting people to come and enjoy the unique urban landscape. Parkly-modules are also used for phasing: the trees which are growing in the planters will be planted permanently into the yard.