Better soundscapes and greener cities

Better soundscapes with urban greening
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    City of Helsinki
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A new kind of modular green wall by Parkly and InnoGreen is an excellent way to incorporate more greenery into public squares, streets, and other urban locations. The purpose of the wall is to create an oasis with a pleasant soundscape and seating. The vegetation and shade provided by the wall also offer a cooler place to sit down on a hot day. Most of the various plants are pollinator-friendly.

The modular green wall has been tested with the city of Helsinki to examine how it can serve as a barrier against traffic noise. The results are encouraging: the wall alleviates traffic noise by up to 7 decibels – a significant improvement for a better soundscape.

The modular green wall is available in various sizes and is perfect for street implementations, roof terraces, work and study environments, and various other public spaces.

Photos: Jussi Hellsten